Moving On…

We’re moving… ISP that is.

We’ve used Demon Internet here at the Labs since 1992 – the days of the tenner-a-month forum on CIX and needing to dial a national rate phone number to get your internet on a dial-up modem (our first modem used an acoustic coupler).

Unfortunately the customer service we’ve received during a recent period of two weeks without internet service has been so poor that we’ve decided to take our business elsewhere. As a result I’ve had to move some personal content from a web site provided as part of the Demon service to another location that’s now pointed to from this blog. The content is about Traveller, a Science Fiction RPG and maybe the subject of another post or two. The ancient HTML I used when putting the site up doesn’t lend itself to WordPress, so I’ve put it on a free Azure web site –

Hopefully this post will act as a signpost for anyone looking for the content previously hosted at or associated with the email address .

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