About Carisbrooke Labs

From his secret lab in the hills above Carisbrooke the Mad Scientist plots world domination, ably assisted by the Scientist-Spouse and the Small, Mini and Micro Scientists. In the mean time he hopes to generate a little money by reviewing the various media and technology he comes into contact with and talking about how the technology in the Labs works. After all the Scientist-Family has a Nintendog, some Penguins and Puffles and a Moshi Monster to support.

Posts will be of a number of different kinds:

Reviews: These will be of things we actually use or have heard/read/seen/played

Opinion: The Mad Scientist’s general ramblings

Technology: Two types “OK For Home” (OFH) or “Don’t Try This At Home” (DTTAH). The OFH posts will be things you could or should do at home (in the Mad Scientist’s opinion). The DTTAH posts are not things reccomended for the average home user, normally due to the inefficiency or complexity of the set-up (after all, this is the Labs). If you choose to attempt to follow a DTTAH post you do so at your own risk. The Labs don’t provide free technical support, sorry.


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